The World Conquest: Giving Birth To Become A God

Chapter 376 Absolute Law

Chapter 376 Absolute Law

Entering the Interdimensional Council, they were greeted by a long line, busy with different affairs.

"Do you have a faster way?" Maximus asked, seeing the line.

If they honestly line up, it would probably take a few weeks before it was even their turn.

With the currey situation of the Etherium Realm, they didn't have that luxury to wait.

"Don't worry, we will take the VIP lane!" Jixie said.

Leading them to another path, they arrived in a luxuriously decorated office.

This time, there were almost no beings scrambling to line up.

"Hello, Your Excellencies, what can I do for you?" An assistant with elf-like ears greeted them.

"We would like to register our identities."

"Are you new users?" She asked in surprise.

To be able to go in the VIP lane, they must have incomparable status in the alliance.

Being new users, despite their status, they must be either very wealthy or have unusual identities.

Seeing a Nexus Fairy obediently guiding them, confirmed her suspicions.


"Please come with me," The assistant hurriedly bowed and guided them to the registration area.

"So what do we need to do?" Sitting around, Maximus asked.

"First, input all your details here," the assistant said, sending them a notification panel.

[Origin Dimension:





Filling up the form, they waited as it was being processed.

"Done," the assistant said, seeing no problem.

Suddenly, the assistant pulled up a diamond-shaped crystal shining with blinding light.

"This is the Interdimensional Council Crystal Authority, It contains all the rules of the Dimensional alliance from major to miscellaneous ones."

"It's also an identification crystal, that can be used to pass through the custom in the territory of the Dimensional Alliance."

"Once found that you violated a law, this would change color which can only return to normal after the punishment is imposed and completed."

"That's it." Maximus nodded, as they took each of the crystal.

"Next, you need to complete a Vow, just repeat after me."

"I, Sharmaine, promise to abide by the..."

"Do we need to do this?" Maximus hurriedly stopped upon hearing that they needed to vow.

Feeling that the binding force of the vow was stronger than the Etherium Realm World Will, he couldn't help but be cautious.

"Your Excellency, this is a mandatory process in the Interdimensional Council."

"Each individual living in the area of the Dimensional Alliance needed to complete this ceremony to become an official member."

"Even if you don't continue this ceremony, your 'Origin' has already been marked by the absolute law of the Interdimensional Council," the assistant explained.

The Interdimensional Council didn't become the one to manage law and rules because of its strength but because of its leader.

The Prima Obolus, the light and justice; one of the tier 12 beings in their plane of existence who manages the absolute law in all dimensions.

All the rules and laws he proposes are absolute and shall be followed by those who know them.

Diving inside the Nexus Virtual Gateway, a part of Dimensional Alliance territory, means you know this law and are ready to obey it.

Unless one is a void beast or a being from an undiscovered dimension, knowledge of this is common sense.

Seeing Maximus and the others so resistant, she was puzzled.

Meanwhile, hearing her words, Maximus and Malgron frowned.

Sensing their 'Origin', they noticed a trace of causality latching onto it.

Liam on the otherhand was just puzzled, not able to sensing anything.

"This is troublesome..." Maximus thought.

Following the rules of someone was something he frowned upon, much less Malgron, who had always been wild and free.

Fortunately, it seems that this law of causality was not that strong and couldn't harm them.

It would only mark you as a sinner to be hunted by the law enforcers. 𝒩ewW 𝒏ovels upd𝒂tes on nov/𝒆l/b(i)𝒏(.)com

Furthermore, Maximus felt that if he reached tier 10, he could completely remove this causality.

Finally, after a bit of struggle, having no choice they followed the assistant's words, vowing to follow the absolute law set by the Interdimensional Council.

This vow strengthened the causality and imposed one Absolute Law.

"This," feeling such a strong causality, Maximus and Malgron's face becomes gloomy.

They felt that this causality could harm them if violated.

Fortunately, after recalling the absolute law, they heaved a sigh of relief.

It's not so outrageous, like no killing, no fighting, and such.

It was only one simple law: 'Thou shalt not bring destruction to any dimension.'

This didn't mean you couldn't conquer or attack a dimension.

It simply meant you couldn't destroy it, causing the dimension to collapse and disintegrate.

For the life inside it, you could do whatever you wanted.

Apparently, destroying a dimension was so rampant that an Absolute Law was made specifically for it.

After all, the origin of a dimension was a panacea that could upgrade anything, from physique, talent, affinity, weapon, treasures, and such.

This way of practice also divided the forces in their plane of existence into two parts:

The Devourers and the Dimensional Alliance.

These Devourers were the beings to be killed and hunted by the alliance.

They were the enemies that disrupted the balance of their plane of existence, devouring many dimensions.

After this Absolute Law, the other rules of the Interdimensional Council were irrelevant.

You could follow them or disregard them, depending on your capability.

As long as you're tough and discrete enough, the interdimensional council rules were just written words.

After registering their identity, they left the Interdimensional Council building.

"Jixie, where do we ask for help when a devourer is attacking our dimension?" Maximus asked.

Devourers are divided into three factions: the Abyss, The Zerg, and the Void Beast.

The rest are wild powerhouses who delve into various taboos and are wanted by the Dimensional Alliance.

Knowing that the occurrence of their dimension was quite common, there should be a protocol or common practice to solve this disaster.

"The host could go to the Interdimensional Sentinel Guardians, a branch of the Interdimensional Council."

"Where is that?"

"It's on the other side of the building," Jixie said, pointing to a building a few blocks away.

"Then let's go."


"The help would arrive a thousand epochs later?" Maximus repeated with a frown.

"Yes, we are a busy group and can't just help anyone anytime."

"You should be grateful that we would even offer help," the man said arrogantly.

"Is that so?" Maximus muttered, feeling it was a waste of time.

Since coming into this building, they were showered with coldness and indifference.

Knowing they had come from a tier 9 dimension, they looked at them like they were commoners.

If not for Jixie making an appointment, they wouldn't even meet anyone to entertain them.

"Yes, there are too many tier 9 dimensions being attacked by the Abyss. We didn't have time to rescue just anyone anytime," the man said lazily.

A few tier 9 dimensions being destroyed were not within his care.

Anyway, this kind of dimension was as common as he could count.

If not for the Nexus Fairy making a mandatory appointment, he wouldn't even be here.

"Just register the coordinates of your dimension and wait for reinforcement," the man said as he walked out.

Seeing his attitude, Malgron nearly exploded, wanting to kill such a presumptuous being.

"Relax," Maximus said, holding him back.

"What are you scared of? It was merely a tier 10 being," Malgron asked with a frown.

Although he was defeated by a tier 10 Abyss God, it was because it was invincible in its tier.

As for an ordinary tier 10 being, Malgron was confident he could kill a few.

"It's not worth it," Maximus shook his head.

Although harming an official is not an absolute law, it's still within the rules.

If caught, you would be sentenced to a certain prison time and compensation.

Of course, if you had enough evidence, you could also appeal in the interdimensional court for some justice.

But as a branch of the Interdimensional Council, one could only wish for winning.

"Hmph!" Malgron harrumphed in dissatisfaction.

Seeing this, Maximus just smiled helplessly.

They were powerless now and couldn't be reckless.

Although he could also kill these tier-10 beings, the one behind them was something he couldn't afford to offend.

"Jixie, is there any other way we can get help immediately?"

"The host could commission it in the Mercenary Alliance, although it's expensive, it's fast."

"Mercenary Alliance? What group is this?"

"The Mercenary Alliance is a faction only second to the three overlords."

"It's the largest mercenary organization with members from all over our plane of existence."

"It is said that the Mercenary Alliance could solve anything as long as there is enough money."

"That's it!" Maximus nodded in satisfaction.

This is the kind of organization he wanted, only talking about money and more money.

No matter your status and strength, as long as you have money, you are a god.

"Teleport us directly to the place," Maximus said immediately, not wanting to stay any longer in this cursed place.

"Right away, host!"

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