The Witch Hunter System

Chapter 741 Dana's Arrival

Chapter 741 Dana's Arrival

Back at central command, Emperor Varan soon heard the distant rumbling of many footsteps. He immediately felt confused, knowing there shouldn't be any more reinforcements.

The ducal factions and other houses have sent all the troops they could spare into the Great Ratholos Army.

Whatever troops they had left were used to assist their families and other civilians in their evacuation. They shouldn't have returned even if they completed the evacuation so quickly.

'Could it be the Sea Emperor and people from Dragon Palace?' Emperor Varan thought with some excitement.

Although he had sent the request, he didn't hold much hope that they would come to the empire's rescue so quickly. After all, Dragon Palace was located on a lone island very far offshore.

It would take two days for a round trip with their fastest messenger.

However, if the Sea Emperor and Dragon Palace's people managed to come, they would have a greater chance of winning the war.

Few people knew about it, but the Great Ratholos Empire, in fact, had two guardian beasts and clans. The Red Wyvern Ancestor and his Red Wyvern Clan guarded the land, and the Dragon-Serpent King and his Sea Serpent Clan guarded the sea.

Naturally, Emperor Varan never thought of the Sea Serpent Clan coming to the empire's aid. After all, the Sea Serpent King and his kin could not come on shore.

However, the martial warriors cultivated at Dragon Palace were not the least bit inferior to those who practiced on the Black Mountain. As such, their force couldn't be ignored. They should provide substantial help if they could come.

Unfortunately, Emperor Varan's hopes were dashed when he found out who came.

"Father, I have brought some fighters to aid you!" Princess Dana announced as she arrived with a small army of martial warriors from the Martial Hall, a few wyvern riders, and her private guards.

Emperor Varan almost fainted from anger immediately before he harshly reprimanded her, "What are you doing here, Dana?! You should be on your way to Dragon Palace with the rest of your sisters!"

"You want me to run while our capital is under attack by demons? No way! I want to stay and fight! Let me share your burden, father!" Princess Dana replied defiantly.

"Share my burden? More like add to it! You can't do anything with your meager power! If something happens to you, your mother will even skin me!" Emperor Varan barked, firm on his stance.

Many nearby martial warriors immediately wore strange expressions.

Perhaps people outside didn't know much about Princess Dana. However, the martial warriors from Martial Hall were well aware of how powerful she was.

Princess Dana was extremely skilled in sword arts and physical enhancement magic. Few below the Transcendent rank could be her opponent; even Transcendents could be cut by her sword if they weren't careful.

Whether it was the sharpness of her sword or her skills as a sword master, many within the Martial Hall acknowledged both.

Nevertheless, no one dared to refute Emperor Varan's words.

Meanwhile, Vaan was prepared to leave. He wasn't interested in sticking around to listen to Emperor Varan's family bicker.

"Remember to do what I asked, Emperor Varan. We must find Galen's wife if we want to communicate with Hecate," Vaan reminded.

"Of course, Venerable Dragon God!" Emperor Varan acknowledged with a nod.

At the same time, Princess Dana was about to lash out at Vaan for ordering her father, the emperor of a mighty empire.

However, she was quickly stunned by how her father addressed him.

Princess Dana gave Vaan a quick re-evaluation, but her doubt intensified. He was far too young, and he didn't look like a dragon in the slightest.

How could he be this so-called Venerable Dragon God?

Nevertheless, her father was a wise ruler. He wouldn't be fooled by a nobody pretending to be someone important. As such, she refrained from acting on impulse and observed a little longer.

"Grandmother, Eniwse, Aeliana—all of you should stay back. It's too dangerous on the battlefield, and your cultivation is not high enough," Vaan said.

"Alright," Victoria nodded with a warm smile.

In any case, she only came to find her grandson, and she had already succeeded. There was no need to follow him to the battlefield. Although she was a High Witch, she didn't want to burden her grandson with her presence on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Aeliana and Eniwse complied without a single complaint.

On the other hand, Princess Dana's expression wrinkled. She thought Vaan's instruction would increase the chance of her father sending her away.

Why couldn't they just let women fight if they wanted to fight? How could they not know the danger?

They just wanted to help!

"If you want to fight on the battlefield too, just say it. We women have to stand together and take a firm stance! We can't let others decide what we want to do!" Princess Dana incited, hoping Victoria, Eniwse, and Aeliana would speak up for her.

Men could fight. But women could fight, too!𝒩Eew st𝒐ries at n𝒐/vel/bi/n(.)co𝒎

Suddenly, all attention shifted to Princess Dana. Aeliana also approached her without a word, making her intention unclear. It confused Princess Dana. She wondered what Aeliana wanted from her.

Couldn't she say her piece from where she was? Why the need to come over?


Aeliana's intention became evident when she raised her hand and slapped Princess Dana across the left cheek without warning, stunning the latter.

"Why did you slap me…? I was speaking up for you…" Princess Dana said, staring at Aeliana with a dumbfounded, incomprehensive look.

"No, you spoke for yourself. I slapped you because I didn't like the way you looked at my lord. You better fix your attitude," Aeliana coldly stated before adding overbearingly, "Also, when my lord speaks, you better listen."

Princess Dana became even more dumbfounded as she stared at Aeliana. She didn't mind the slap as much as the questions in her heart.

The lady was clearly such a strong-minded woman, and her cultivation didn't seem lacking either.

Why would she listen to the so-called Dragon God with such obedience? What spell did he cast on her to acquire such loyalty and devotion?

The martial warriors were also stunned by Aeliana's unexpected and unreasonable slap. But after they recovered, they quickly became furious.

"H-How dare you lay a hand on the Third Princess!" the martial warriors roared, drawing their swords at Aeliana.

Aeliana's act also displeased Emperor Varan, but he couldn't stand silent and watch the situation escalate further.

"Stand down!" Emperor Varan thundered with a darkened, grave expression.

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